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Major house rules

1. It is NOT allowed to park bikes, motorbikes and other articles on the galeries, in the area of the elevator, doors and staircases. Riding bikes, motorbikes etc IN the building is NOT allowed.


2. Tenants may only keep pets which can reasonably be housed in the apartment. Owning or keeping exotic animals is NOT allowed and you may not construct birdhouses on balcony or galery. Dogs must always be on the leash in and around the building.


3. Garbage bags, you have to put your garbagebags in the underground containers. Refrigerators, furniture, construction material etc. can be placed outside ONLY between the white tiles and only on wednesday-evening and thursdaymorning between 9 pm and 8 am. To prevent damaging of the wall, please do not place these materials against the wall. Paper and glass must be put in the special underground containers.


4. Between 10 pm and 7 am it is not allowed to make music or other disturbing noise.


5. All activities which create noise like hammering, drilling etc. are only permitted between the following hours:

  • on workdays: between 8 am and 8 pm. 
  • on saturday : between 8 am and 6 pm.
  • on sunday or religious holidays: between 12 noon and 6 pm.


6. With the exception of bathroom and kitchen, it is forbidden to put down hard floorcoverings, unless it is being laid-down as a "hovering floor" so that there is no direct contact with the underfloor and/or walls so that unnecesary noise towards the other tenants is prevented. Under carpeting an extra layer of sound-deadening under- carpeting must be used.


7. Laundry, flowerbaskets and other articles may NOT be placed on the outside of the balcony-railings. Also Aerials for TV or radio reception can NOT be placed on the outside of balcony- or galery- railings.


8. Shaking out of carpets, tablecloth, bedding material etc may only be done within the limits of balcony or galery. Don't throw bread or other foods over the balcony! It attracts only rats and other vermin.


9. BBQ is not allowed on balcony or galery because of smoke and smells. Storage of perishable goods, which may cause bad smells is forbidden!!



Translated from: Huishoudelijk reglement van de Coöperatieve Flatexploitatievereniging Burg. Hogguerstraat III.

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